My wife and I enjoyed our tour of the Rijksmuseum led by Davy Oostrom. The Rijks Museum merits the insight and knowledge only offered by a professional guide. It is filled with thousands of masterpieces reflecting the history of Amsterdam and the Netherlands—a “must see” destination. Davy led us on a two-hour tour customized to our interests. We asked to see the important pieces such as Night Watch and The Milk Maid, but we also wanted to learn about the Netherlands, its people and their history and culture.  Davy delivered! His knowledge of art and European history and international relations provides the intellectual background needed for a meaningful tour. He described each piece, its meaning, and the impact of conditions at the time on the artist, and the impact the artist had on the Netherlands. His commentary was well considered, clearly conveyed, and thought provoking, but not overwhelming. He gave us time to reflect and absorb our thoughts. He answered our questions in well-spoken English. Davy helped us enjoy the treasures we were privileged to view. He is a professional capable of tailoring a tour to your interests. He will help you. We recommend him without reservation to serve as your guide when in Amsterdam.

Karen and Tom Tobin
Mill Valley, California

As a total novice in the realms of Dutch history, having been born and bred in South-East England, I met up with Davy at the Rijksmuseum and spent an enthralling ninety minutes being transported back to 16th century Nederland. Davy’s deep historical knowledge and his excellent English and light and entertaining presentation kept me mesmerised from beginning to end! The pace was pleasant and there was every opportunity for me to ask questions whilst perched on the stool that Davy carried around for my comfort.

Starting with the Dutch War of Independence in 1568, we entered ‘The Golden Age’, my having come face to face with the very imposing portrait of William of Orange. We stood before the ‘Nachtwacht’ with my relishing every historical detail of this and the ensuing paintings whilst Davy’s explanations moved everything into a very clear third dimension!  By the end of my ninety minutes I had arrived at the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Not only had I became aware of the transformation of how the paintings were painted through the passage of time but more specifically, the changes in the settings, the presentation of the people in the portraits including the details of the expressions on faces and lacework on collars and cuffs and the various developments set in scenario as a result of the changing of religious influences!

Summing up, the walk through history via the paintings significantly chosen by Davy and his in-depth but very palatable explanations, has resulted in a colourful factual and pictorial memory – which leaves me just wanting more!


Amsterdam – August 2023